Yawning loud, without an apology, none needed to be given anyway,I was alone. My empty belly roared in protest for its dislike of not been fed.I was hungry, not just hungry,but massively hungry,it felt like an elephant had marched my stomach flat,that it had no trace of ever been fed.

Standing up from the bench where I sat, stretching lazyily,with no place in mind,I decided to troll the street,maybe one of these food vendors will have mercy on me. So I continued walking with a glimmer of hope. The sun was out in full bloom,it took pride i showcasing its artistry with its intense heat slapping my completely shaved head sore,I didn’t care,the growl my belly made was more disturbing. My legs pleaded that I stop to rest under the mango tree across the road,my stomach protested otherwise, but my brain won against the will of my belly and so I sat beneath the tree,sweating profusely, tired,I settled on the ground.

A sweet smelling aroma danced it way up my nostrils,it hit me like a gun shot,my five senses were alert like the sound of a siren, I scrambled to my feet in haste,dusting the particles of sand from off my trousers, I walked towards the direction of the smell.I didn’t have to go too far as a small bungalow was situated not too far from the mango tree.Circling the house,I called out,but there was no response, I called out again and nothingness replied. Moving to the back,I saw a door,I pushed it and it bulged.Where was the owner of this house and who was cooking?, I asked myself rhetorically.

The house was fairly furnished, studying the living room,my stomach growled again in annoyance, reminding me why I entered the house in the first place.The kitchen was easily noticeable as a single curtain barricaded it from the living room.Right on the lit stove was a pot,I moved towards it,opened the lid,ouch! I sucked my fingers in pain,it was incredibly hot,to my utmost delight,jollof rice sat pretty inside the pot,full to the brim,my mouth watered helplessly.

Immediately, I took a plate and spoon,filled the plate and began eating, “oh my!” The food was absolutely delicious.In no time,I finished the food,helped myself to another round, and another till every grain vanished into my stomach. Crumbling on the floor, I berched like a garrulous potbellied man……

A sharp scream jotted me from my slumber,as I stared face to face with an angry woman,as realization dawned on me,I fled,throwing apologies to the air.

“Thief,thief, thief”, I heard the woman shout.As I ran out of the house, the woman had managed to.draw the attention of the neighboring houses and before I knew it,men and women began to pursue me,looking at the backs of the people hot on my pursuit,I ran,even faster,only for me to hit my big foot on a huge stone,it sent me crashing, as I wriggled in pain.

Ceircled by angry men and women,I began to plead,rather an elderly man took a stick and as he was about to hit me,I heard myself scream,” No,please!!!!! “

Torrent of water roused me into reality,I jumped out of my bed,eyes popped out,in gratitude, staring at my mother,it was just a dream,I sighed inwardly.

In mocked gesture, my mother began to reprimand me,”Chike……………………………….! she continued to speak in Ibo,pointing at my bed.Once again for the uptenth time,I a twenty year old lad had wet my bed,and the patch on my trousers was proof, taking my foam outside was more of a morning routine, before my room began to sing the stench of urine.

Omonfonma favour

Omonfonma favour

A 300l student studying Accounting at Mountain Top University . She's a Writer,Spoken Word Poet,Singer .You name it. She has an undyling love for poetry.

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