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Hi guys. I trust you guys are good. If you aren’t, well, do something about it! I believe that everyone is in control, you just don’t know that you are! For those who haven’t seen my articles before, when I posted on the defunct adoseries then I can say you missed (#tongue out#). If you beg me, maybe I’ll give a thought  about re-posting(LOL).

As you have already noticed, this article is titled “In the queue”. It is actually an excerpt from a book I have been battling to finish for a while. It might be a weird topic to you, but I hope that as we go on this journey, we’ll all learn a lot. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share a few things with you and I’ll welcome feedback as we go on. Please feel free to ask your questions in the space provided. This write-up will be in parts and this is going to be the introductory part.


This write-up is titled “In the queue” for a reason. A queue isn’t a strange word to us, mostly as Nigerians. We queue up for almost everything. We see and are part of queues everywhere and every time. When you want to get fuel at a gas station, or transact at an ATM gallery, we queue. During elections here in Nigeria, we queue up too. In fact, Nigerians are not strangers to queues. From traffic jams to BRT bus stops, queues are prevalent.

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The word ‘queue’ could be a verb or a noun, but this is not an English language class so I’ll leave that to the language teachers. Queues could be short (everyone loves this!) or seemingly endless (Urggh!) depending on the location of the place, reason for the queue(product or service)  and the speed of the attendant. All these concepts would be interpreted later in the article. One of the main purposes for this write-up is to make everyone (mostly young people) know that life itself, in all it’s entirely, is a queue. Life is made up of queues and the sooner we appreciate that fact, the better!

Life is like a long line or a ‘ladder’ if you may, but very few people get to the apex or fore-front of their individual lives and careers. We are going to be looking at several concepts to get a better understanding of this topic and how it affects us.

I believe that by the time we reach the last word of this write-up, you’d have become a better student or career person, life viewer, friend and person in general. This article will be divided into digestible morsels to aid easy understanding. This write-up is not meant to be a comprehensive treatment of each subject I talk about. I am not going to talk about everything (even if I wanted to) and I sincerely hope this book can get you guys thinking and talking, hopefully with friends and figure out stuff for yourself. I therefore invite you to begin this journey with me as we explore what it entails to be in ‘life’s queue’. Enjoy!

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