Journey So Far – 21

I’m jolted with the memories of my life : how nothing of things i hoped for never worked as i planned. Sometimes the memories of attaining a certain age and hoping things where in place (the perfect life picture ) and all i ever imagained were accurate with such memories, but am left defenceless as a result of my imaginations.

The people i admired, of cause, some i had wish to be ,when 21 clocks and others i never wanted to be when i am of the aforementioned age .

But time passed and through self discovery , all i can ever hope for is to be a better version of myself and no one else . Over the years i was confronted with different perplexities : who i was, what i stand for, Philophobia.

Philophobia was such a close a friend but when broken it reminded me that “there are some friends you can never do without”.

This Phobia will one day go -i believe .

I remember my last day in Ghana , As i stare at the pillars of the boarder between ” Ghana and Togo “boldly written on it ‘Akwaaba -Welcome’.All the things i was told to achieve, which i never did, As disappointment accompanied me back home in shame .

I still remember what i learnt in Ghana -trading phones ,gambling, offensive and aggressive living . I was the walking dead . Not to forget thier accents, that reminded me of thier black stars.

A great yoruba proverb “Ti a ba gun iyan ninu ewe eni a yo ,ma yo”


I had to stick to this when i came back to my country, i was constantly reminded of the greener pastures of this great land.

Fixing my life to where it is now, is of now doubt that the land is bless.

I thank God for where i find myself

I know i can’t predict tomorrow but i know my hardwork channelled to what i do not be a waste .

Sometimes i often think about my inadequacies but i never let it get to me . I reminded myself that i was blessed with different gift all i had to do was to search deep .

For the future i know not , but all i do now is to stick to Gods plan for mylife . I believe there’s nothing on this earth that can’t be achieve if you set your mind to it .

Some are older, young,others are filled with alibis others are filled with great success stories. I hope to be the later so i can remind myslef the day i wrote this piece .

Andrew David Omokafe

Andrew David Omokafe

Inquisitive about life.


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