Think of a world where everything is perfect; a nation where everything is in the right order.

Utopia and The New Nigeria
Utopia and The New Nigeria. Kulturerepublic

A place where nobody is poor; nobody won’t be rich either. Because you have only what you need. A place where there are no laws and no misconducts. A place where there is little or no need for Government. A place where everyone would be happy always. Does this place really exists? Yes, but only in our imaginations. That is Utopia.

Plato – A Greek philosopher once considered Utopia as a perfect state, while Sir Thomas More, an English writer who lived about five centuries ago viewed it as a perfect Island country. Utopia doesn’t exist anywhere and I have sentiments that it is because there was never a place called Utopia before the name Utopia was popular. So there is no need hoping for Utopia, but believing in a new world where everything is in the right sense like Utopia; A new Nigeria at that.

Feeling quite nostalgic for the “olden days” Nigeria of about a century ago. A land where people lived harmoniously together. The Nigeria where they never thought of mobile phones but they wished and imagined talking to their family and friends in distant land. If the primitive People were opportune to live again, it would have seemed like a dream come true – A new world and a convenient one for them. So I say to myself, revolution is taking place and it is having impact. Then, if revolution actually made some People’s dream come true, why not ours?

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Then, the possibility of a better and new Nigeria is not a mirage. It is realistic. If Dubai could rise from a desert to become a city that has gained tourist attraction than ever imagined, why not Nigeria?

However, over the last few years, I’m becoming to feel the ones who lead us are not even part of us, because I wonder how someone who’s been part of a system of things for decades, someone who took the national oath, got an opportunity to prove himself and is displaying some act of misdemeanor, which sometimes could be worse than felony.

Meanwhile, I still have reservations for people who castigate leaders and paint them black. The leaders acquiesce to these things, but in the vacuum of things, the followers have more roles to play and should take most of the blame. Because every leader was once a follower and every follower once belonged to a smaller community and even smaller one which is the family. Now, taking a reconnaissance survey of the family which we all belong to. How are we groomed and what’s our philosophy about life. Are we from that same school of thought who has it that, if thy neighbor stumbles, reach down not to pick him up but to take those things he dropped while falling. Self-profit is the only commandment. All else is make-believe, things heard in the church and mosque but to be left there and not pursued in the course of everyday life.

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If that is it, then we are on the wrong course which at the end leads to vanity. Although, virtue and vice, good or bad, is just a function of personal opinion and moral development. But, what is universally accepted can still be considered right, and this is part of the things covered in this discourse.

How do we expect substantial growth when the life expectancy of an average Nigerian stands at 53.05years and 59.6% of the population are illiterates. Nigeria will thrive when her people thrive, these where the words of Bill Gates on the Economic Recovery Growth Plan at the National Economic Council (NEC) meeting held at Abuja, Nigeria, earlier this year. Undoubtedly, this has made it clear that the growth of Nigeria is a function of the development of her citizens.

If everyone was thinking the way I am, probably Nigeria would have been an egalitarian society. And like the words of Fidel Castro, The equal right of all citizens to health, education, work, food, security, culture, science, and wellbeing – that is, the same rights we proclaimed when we began our struggle, in addition to those which emerge from our dreams of justice and equality for all inhabitants of our world – is what I wish for all.

‘Everything’s gonna be alright….’ says a popular Singer. But things can’t get up and be in the right order, revolution has to happen and Humans have to influence the change which causes revolution. For the new Nigeria to come, Nigerians must be ready to aid it. No form of misconduct, No indulgence, and aspirants should assume political positions of authority only if they are ready to strictly adhere to the National Pledge. Obedient to rules and regulations should be the number one priority of every citizen.

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Remember, the New Nigeria needs me, she needs you and she needs everyone. Like I’ve always heard my Father say, “The making of a Man is in the Man himself”. Then I say, the real you is embedded inside of you. Therefore, never think of impossibilities in yourself. Then, we can keenly expect the New Nigeria due to revolution influenced by us. Sure, it begins with you – The New Nigeria.

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  1. Waw!! This is beautiful,I love it, thank you for helping me see beyond the barriers the present Nigeria has set. This write up is like a microscope that aids me to see the the tiny little utopia in our Nigeria.

  2. Interesting… at a point I felt reluctant to read it. To be frank diz country dulls my spirit at times… but glad I read it

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